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Greeting & Philosophy

President Message

Global Niche Top.
We are proudly expanding
global operations
for the contribution
to the world.

President and CEO
Futoshi Ishii

Since the foundation in 1959, Kohoku Kogyo has manufactured and marketed lead terminals for aluminum electrolytic capacitors that are indispensable to all kinds of electronics products. In 2000, we expanded our business to the optical communication field by utilizing precision machining technology cultivated in our main business to endeavor the development of higher value-added products. Our management philosophy is focusing on “aiming for the only-one company through creation of new values.”

We will continue further efforts to develop the electronics and communication industry and contribute to the future society through practicing the management to involve all the employees as participants by making use of each employee’s rich originality.

President and CEO
Futoshi Ishii

Management Philosophy

Practice all-participating-type management
respecting rich originality
to aim for an only-one company
through creation of new values.

Respect rich originality.

Aiming for the achievement of management goals, we develop human resources by making use of each employee’s originality, enhance their role consciousness, and create opportunities to show their originality.

Practice the management to involve all the employees as participants.

Through open-minded discussions and cooperative efforts, we will strive to achieve our goals. We carry out an efficient business execution system by assigning the right person in the right place and empowering employees. We fulfill our roles from the standpoint that every person is a team leader in problem solving action.

Creation of new values

We get ahead of social changes, perform speedy research and development activities, and constantly propose original products. We participate in improvement activities and proposals by making full use of knowledge and skills.

Aim for an only-one company.

We aim for the world’s best company by making Kohoku Kogyo a leading company in niche markets with high added-value products and services.